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Anchor Construction & Design Inc. provides incredibly secure home foundations in Lake Geneva, WI. The most important part of any building is its foundation. It does not matter how elaborately designed and gorgeous the finished product is, if the foundation is weak, everyone inside the structure is in danger. Using the dimensions and estimated weight of your building, I create the prefect design to ground your home. Protect your new structure, its inhabitants, and the workers who are building it with my help.

The tried and true method of foundation settlement is making a good portion of your building underground. Once your excavation crew digs out the perfectly sized crater for your home, Anchor Construction & Design Inc. pours in the concrete for the foundation. Once dry, your builders can drill holes into the material to place frame posts. The concrete base can also act as your basement floor.

Our home improvement services include garage floor installations. This is the area where your automotive vehicles are going to sit in the longest, making the flooring vulnerable to cracks. With Anchor Construction & Design Inc., I make garage floors incredibly dense and thick. You can place a heavy-duty truck inside for years, and the concrete will remain uninfluenced.

If you already have a set base but it is starting to come apart, Anchor Construction & Design Inc. can fix foundation cracks easily. I mix to match the color and texture of the existing material and fill up the cracks for seamless integration, scraping off any excess.

Start your new home construction on the right foot with assistance from Anchor Construction & Design Inc. I improve the safety and functionality of your home for a lifetime.

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