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If you are looking for a professional site work technician in Lake Geneva, WI, end your search at Anchor Construction & Design Inc. There is a delicate balance on a construction site. If you have too many technicians and contractors on location, people end up getting in each other’s way, and it is hard to figure out what your responsibilities are. Too few, and everyone’s duties are too numerous to handle. With my assistance, I help you figure out the perfect number of staff you need to complete your project efficiently.

My on site work is perfect for yard landscaping installations, including retaining walls, driveways, patios, and stoops. Since these items are all exposed to the elements, I ensure that the material I am using is proven to be wind, heat, and moisture resistant. When I am installing a driveway, I utilize wood pallets and coverings to protect your green lawn from my concrete mixture. Anchor Construction & Design Inc. is an expert in isolating areas to be worked on.

Anchor Construction & Design Inc. provides help on large scale projects for the public, like the installation of sidewalks and curb work. These items need to be as smooth as possible to protect bikers and pedestrians. With a team of trained professionals, I go out to the busiest pathways to remove any pot holes or cracks. This not only makes the lives of travelers more convenient, but it also looks great and reflects nicely on the quality standard the city has. If you need to keep your structure working at an optimum level for as long as possible, my general maintenance services grant you exactly that.

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